About Us

Company Overview

Company Name B Dash Ventures Inc.
Address 1-12-32, ARK Mori Building 3F, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Access)

Venture Capital

Overview of Funds

B Dash Ventures invests in seed, early, and later stage startup companies that will become the core of the next generation of tech, both locally in Japan and overseas. The funds comprise capital from Japan's largest wireless carriers, internet companies, financial institutions, and institutional investors.

B Dash Fund 1

Raised September 2011, focusing on seed and early stage investments in Japan and abroad.

B Dash Fund 2

Raised July 2014, focusing on seed, early, and later stage investments in Japan and abroad.

B Dash Lab

B Dash Lab is an incubation office space provided to portfolio companies. New companies continue to join, while others grow large enough to move into their own offices or relocate to an acquiring company.


B Dash Camp

B Dash Ventures holds a bi-annual summit for senior tech industry executives and early stage startup founders called B Dash Camp. Attendance is by invitation, and is now Japan's largest private summit of its kind with over 600 guests from Japan and abroad.